America's Darkest Hour?

America has just experienced a tragedy, twenty young children have been gunned down, killed. How is the country dealing with that reality? Not well, not well at all.

There are many varying definitions of what denotes civilisation, what separates it from savagery, but caring for our children, the weak and the elderly must be at the top of the list.

A symbol of status within many of the indigenous Indian tribes of America was how many of the elderly, the vunereable of his tribe the young warrior could support. A status symbol, that it seems to me, had some value.

That civilisation was swept aside, out gunned, out numbered and ultimately, marginalised. That was the beginning of the country of America, so how was that symbol of status replaced? It wasn’t, it became a winner takes all society, we now call it capitalism. So how has it worked out?

The recent events in “Sandy Hook”, indicate it hasn’t and shockingly so. The Gorilla, the Great Ape, Elephants, Lions and Tigers, share one characteristic that sets them above us. They care, protect and nurture their offspring. If we are incapable of that simple and natural act, we really need to take a hard look at ourselves.

Now America is unique, due to historical circumstance, the right to bear arms has become a fundamental right. Why this should be is debatable, but those with a vested interest see no connection between that right and the increasingly upward curve of violence.

Incredibly, to me, they see the answer to be more guns, rather than their rrestriction as the answer. I’m sorry, but this is insane. Armed guards at every school, maybe tanks, machine gun bunkers? Who exactly are you at war with, yourselves?

I’m sorry America, but this is completely crazy. OK, the gun lobby, you have a historic, very historic right to bear arms, why? Red Indians, pesky Europeans that claim a right to your country, or what?

Those times have passed and now you need to show the World your right to have taken the lands you now occupy.  If you cannot at least equal, or preferably improve upon the moral bearing of the indigenous race that you effectively massacred, what can I say? Perhaps only that those that live by the the sword, deserve to die by the sword.

To the gun lobby, those that think, believe that the answer is more guns not less, what can I say? God help us.

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