The Crown of Creation?

We are, so we have been told through the ages, the ‘Crown of Creation’, God’s chosen species. Do we deserve such an accolade? I struggle increasingly to see how we do. One of the strongest driving forces in nature is the protection and nurturing of our offspring and it seems to me that we are unable to even achieve that!

Yes, I have been affected by the latest tragedy in Sandy Hook, even though European, who could not be, but is this only the tip of an iceberg? Do we, as a species really care about our children? Do we really want to nuture, care for and give the best to our torch bearer’s, effectively our continuance?

The facts say otherwise, do you ever take your kids to the local supermarket? How many isles are full of junk food? Sure, it tastes really yummy, addictivly so, but in terms of nutrician? Probably Rat s**t has more essential nutrients than that stuff.

I’m sorry, but this is bad, very bad, the only driving force behind this marketing is profit. Some of these companies are worldwide, normally use a smiling grand fathery logo as their sales pitch and why, to make millions and we are are the crown of creation?

No, the humble Rat, Crab and Elephant beat us hands down, their offspring are given what they need, to make them healthy and strong, that simple.

How does this relate to what has just happened in America? Evolution, something that we luckily have no control  over moves on. Like it or not, the next generation are smarter than us, they observe our priorities and take a view.

Should we really be surprised when they view their situation as both hopeless and desperate? If we do our heads are burried within sand. We are, minute by minute destroying our planet, why? Because that is the lifestyle we have evolved into, the way we will get ahead, progress and create a better future for our offspring, are you sure?

I’m sorry, but we are heading towards a precipice, a danger, do not pass  sign, but our momentum is such, that we can niether pause and reevaluate, nor stop. In my humble opinion, our children, blessed with an objectivity that we lack, see quite clearly where we are heading. How do they react, in different ways, but in the latest tragedy in America, in blind fury and hopelessness.

We, the people of my generation should feel ashamed that we have passed on such a legacy. It is not America's gun laws that need revisting, it is it’s sense of values.

To repeat myself, a society that will encourage its children to a diet of junk food to make a fast buck, is no society at all. It is something else and not much different to our ancestors that discovered that the bone of a deceased mammal made a useful weapon.

What has just happened in America is in fact a wake up call for the human race. Is this the best we can do? If so, shame on us, all of us.

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