Don't Let the Perfection Bug Bite

To an extent, perfectionism is a good thing, and can relate to excellence and quality.

You do for example want the brakes working just about perfectly and it has to be fully operational or else.

There are a number of problems generated by being overly reliant of the idea of perfection and in overdoing the idea of trying to produce perfection.

One major problem with perfection as a concept, like with all concepts, it is just not fully applicable with the situation at hand.

For example, if I do go to the beach, in this day and age, more so I would bring sun screen, with the ozone layer being some significant percent depleted, from even recent years, and other measures taken might include changing the hours in the day spent on the beach so I am not in the sun full blast mid day.

But when I go to the beach, I want to do a good job applying the sunscreen and maybe be perfectionist about that but, the application of the sun screen does not fully encompass what the experience at the beach might be and there are so many aspects and expectations to the beach experience that people bring

I remember reading an article about one of the major giant investment firms going down the tubes and some big wig got up on his desk to rally the troops and the calling card he gave was to work to the hilt.

By then, something like that wasn’t going to do a bit of good, in terms of making a difference in the pending outcome, but maybe it was all he knew and all that he had been taught about keeping things afloat.

Solutions if they might have been had would have been along the lines of finding an 11th hour buyer for the firm to keep it afloat and take on whatever good was left along with all the trouble that had been generated.

The charge up the hill of these rough riders wasn’t going to work, and mantras that matched up with trying to perfect something at hand didn’t apply.

This idea of perfection does have applicability in some cases and to some extent at a personal level, company level, ect, ect.

But to give it wide applicability might be like trying to drain the ocean with a pale.

It really is good to have the perfection card to play, to the extent that you can play it and that it can be played.

The mistake people make is that they take this card out and put it on the table and think it will get them results across the monopoly board, and this results in a disjointed view and approach, in that somehow I am realizing that this perfection card isn’t really doing much in this particular case, and yet I keep that out there thinking that it somehow will work for me.

When what I need to do, is pull another card out, for something else, whatever it might be, creativity might be one big one, and retry my cross over this bridge again, and if I can’t get across perfectly I can get across some other way.

If I apply perfection all over the place, it might be like applying sunscreen to my surfboard and my surfboard needs something else to bring me across these beautiful waves.

Perfection is just going to be another bug that bites if I do it the wrong way and use it the wrong way and that is the point of recognition, that is if perfection is turning around on me and biting me I know this isn’t the route for what I am trying to do here and now and I need something else, where the context and meaning of the word perfect is not going to be there, if I really want to achieve this wanted thing and experience.

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