Understanding the Balance

We the human race are, it is becoming clearer by the day at a crossroads right now and it could be a very pivotal crossroads. We have evolved and progressed without to much care, or planning to this point and have in effect followed the path set down by our ancestors.

Examine any single aspect of our progress, they all follow much the same path, take transport. Is there really that much difference in mentality between our forefathers that found they could make A to B much faster with a horse and the motor car? So now we can travel really quite fast in deed, by road, air and sea, but for what?

It becomes clearer by the day that we never had a plan, or a roadmap, we are as a species guilty of the syndrome of "The blind following the blind". Why does this matter? Take a look out of your window, or follow the news and it is quite apparent that we face a lot of problems right now. Where did we go wrong?

We have not developed in a balanced way. Technologically we have raced ahead whilst our understanding or, awareness of the balance of nature and the roll we play within it has not actually progressed very much at all.

Take another example, weapons of destruction. Now from the time when we came down from the trees and started to walk on two legs fear has been with us and fear has been a strong motivating force for mankind. Arguably the first technological advance was the discovery that bone, a bone would enhance the chances of survival, would make a useful weapon. That was the beginning of a path that has taken us to weaponry so powerful and with such huge destructive force that we now have the capability to actually destroy practically all life on earth, great progress, no?

There are some indications that we are beginning to learn tolerance and that maybe might is not right, but these developments have been very late in coming and much intolerance remains. Are not the conflicts of religious faith yet another example of our fear? If for example you are a Christian and you believe, or feel in your heart that Jesus Christ was the one and only messenger of God then great, I am very happy for you, but if only you will feel secure if everyone else agrees with you, then I must assume that you are very unsure of your own faith. Conversely the same applies for every religion on this planet.

Because and due to our ever more rapid technological advancements we are now rushing at ever increasing velocity towards.....towards what? Peace on earth? A worldwide brotherhood of man? An understanding of the incredible delicacy and interconnectedness of our planet and all life forms that we share it with? Sadly the answer to all of the above is no and we are in fact as a species more like a driverless juggernaut hurtling down the highway completely out of control.

Where does the answer to our collective problems lie? Within each and every one of us and that is it. We cannot rely upon leadership for from where will come this leadership? Politicians? No they follow the populist mood, rather than set brave and dynamic changes, as they want to be re elected. Religious leaders? Again the track record of the religious leaders is not very encouraging and unlike the prophets, or saints from which these religions have sprung, have devoted more effort into creating religious empires than trying to understand the core messages that these prophets tried to teach us, share with us.

No the only hope lies with us, you and me, we must make the changes individually and hope that enough of mankind will share and understand that balance that has been and always will be until the end of life on earth.

"Be the change you wish to see in the world" Mahatma Ghandi".

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